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Highlighted offerings


Blind & Buried Vias
Via In Pad Technology
Controlled Depth Milling
Copper Via Plugging
High Density Interconnects


Flexible (Dupont, Panasonic)
Polyimide (Ventec, Isola, Arlon)
Teflon / PTFE (Rogers)
FR4 (Ventec, Isola)


Multiple Laminations
Castellated & Plated Holes
Edge & Wrap Plating
Heavy Copper
NASA Outgassing


Immersion Silver

Value Added Services

Fast Lead Times

Innovative Circuits is a leader in quick turn PCB fabrication. Options include 1 day turns on rigid boards and 3 days on rigid flex.

Design for Manufacturing

Innovative Circuits performs a complimentary comprehensive DFM check with every RFQ to uncover potential issues before fabrication.

Controlled Impedance

Innovative Circuits will create a stackup to meet your impedance requirements and ensure the signal integrity of your circuit board.

PCB Fabrication Options

With options from protoype to production, Innovative offers a range of services that fit most project life cycles

Rigid Multilayer 24 Layers
Rigid Flex 22 Layers
Internal Trace & Space 2.5/2.5
External Trace & Space No Wrap 3/3 mils
Minimum Starting Foil 1/8 Ounce
Maximum Copper Thickness 5 Ounce
Minimum Dielectric for Rigid 0.002
Maximum Plating Aspect Ratio 15:1
Minimum Mechanical Starting Drill 0.005
Maximum Thickness 0.125
Via in Pad Yes
Blind Via Yes
Non Conductive Via Fill Yes
Conductive Via Fill Yes
Backdrilling Yes
Backbare Flex Yes
Blind Via Formation Drill or Laser
NASA Outgassing For Soldermask Yes
Sequential Lam's 4
Controlled Impedance Tolerance 10%
Surface Finishes HASL, ENIG, ENEPIG
Selective Plating Yes
Soldermask Dams 3 mils
Drill Positioning (Hole/Feature) + / - 3 mils
Fabrication Tolerances + / - 3 mils
Ground Clearances Drill + 15 mils
Controlled Depth Routing Yes
Flying Probe Net List Test Yes
TDR Testing Yes
Stacked Via's Yes
Laser Skiving and Cutting Yes
Via Capping Yes
HDI Builds Yes
HDI Resin Coated Foil Builds Yes
HDI Photoimagable Dielectrics No
Impedance Modelling Yes
Scoring Yes