The Innovative Way

Innovative Circuits was started in 1998 as a quickturn, prototype and small quantity production manufacturer of flexible and Rigid Flex circuits and hi-tech, multilayer rigid printed circuit boards. Our products continue to be in high demand for commercial, military and aerospace applications. Our facility is located north of Atlanta just off GA400 in Alpharetta, GA.

Our success is supported by state-of-the-art equipment and substantial reinvestment in capital improvements. What sets us apart, though, will always be our people, the "hands on" ability of our operators and the experience of the engineering and management team. As a group we welcome a challenge and adopt your problems as our own, not letting go until we have found a resolution to everyone's satisfaction.

Our Sales Staff

Innovative's staff is our single greatest resource accounting for 200 years of collective experience. Our sales and engineering teams will coordinate with you during the early stages of the quoting process to understand all requirements of the project and provide comprehensive support from concept to completion.

Account Manager
Don Maxwell

Don started at Innovative in 2006 and has "seen it all" in his 30+ year PCB career. His first job was screening boards and he never looked back. Don combines the knowledge of an engineer with a determined approach to insure his clients needs are always taken care of.

Account Manager
Rhonda McDaniel

Rhonda has been with Innovative since 2008. Her impressive career started in the assembly world and quickly led to opening her own business as a manufacturer rep. With over 30 years experience she provides our customers with an unmatched customer experience.

Sales Engineer
Dan Skweres

Dan came to Innovative in 2007 and with over 30 years of industry experience has worked with every application in circuit board fabrication. During this time he has established himself as a leading expert in the field of rigid flex and flex circuitry fabrication.