An Innovative Process

Comprehensive Support From Concept To Completion

From the early stages of a project, we work with our customer's engineering team studying all aspects of the project. Our engineers have significant experience in the flex circuit and printed circuit board industry, whether you are a novice in the area of flexible circuit design or a long time user, they lend their expertise providing comprehensive support from concept to completion.

Solutions For Every PCB Challenge

ICI specializes in delivering innovative solutions to meet our customers most demanding challenges. Some of our higlights include:

Mechanical Special Process Finishes
Up To 24 Layers Blind, Buried & Micro Vias ENIG
Hole Diamter .004 drilled Controlled Impedance ENEPIG
Trace & Space 2.6 mils Via in Pad & Via Plugging HASL
10:1 Aspect Ratio High Density Interconnects Immersion Silver

Bare Board Fabrication

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    Rigid Flex
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    Multi Layer Rigid
  • Flexible Circuits

Spotlight On Rigid Flex